Boys Run Free - Life on the Road

July 08, 2020

Life on the road with four boys and a 16ft caravan is a dream come true for Naomi Mackie and her husband Chris in one down-to-earth Aussie family. Naomi beautifully captures a lifestyle that favours the simple with her husband Chris and their sons Sol, Nullah, Ollie and Alby. We spoke to Naomi about what inspired them to live an alternative life and how they organise everything from the setup to the wardrobe.

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Odin Knit Capsule

June 25, 2020

There is no better way to keep comfortable and warm this winter than a series of knits to mix and match. The Odin knit collection features four styles with two beautiful blends to choose from. This knit capsule is made from 100% cotton to keep you cosy.

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Bonnie Gray

June 10, 2020

You may have noticed our new backdrop recently, painted by the adored scientist of technicolour, Bonnie Gray. Based out of Melbourne, Bonnie creates custom painting commissions and is known for her abstract, soft shapes and unique personal touches.

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Our Partnership with i=change Charity

June 04, 2020

Everytime you purchase something from Fabrik, you get to choose where your dollar of support goes. We partner with i=change to help raise money and awareness for different charities worldwide.

i=change has raised over two million dollars for a number of organisations, both locally and internationally. Over 130 brands are a part of the community, and 100% of donations are sent to carefully selected projects, with a focus on women and girls’ empowerment. 

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Romi Hand Printed Pieces

June 03, 2020

This week we are bringing you some new pieces, featuring a beautiful hand printed earthy floral in comfortable dresses, a tiered skirt and a flowing blouse made from organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly processes.

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Our Winter Additions

May 28, 2020

With winter well and truly on its way we thought you might like some new additions to the Fabrik collection to keep you cosy and warm - from old favourites in new materials to fun and colourful knits!

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Repurposing Your Clothes

May 20, 2020

Upcycling is the perfect way to channel creativity by repurposing your clothes. There are many ways you can give tired clothes a new look, giving you the feeling of getting something new and exciting while doing good for the environment. Repurposing is the perfect way to keep those clothes out of landfill and get the maximum amount of wear out of your garments while bringing a personalised twist to the pieces you love.

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Spice Dot Collection Launch

May 14, 2020

We are so excited to launch the arrival of our Spice Dot Collection. Featuring 4 styles of hand-dyed and hand-printed designs on soft bamboo fabric in an effortless collection that will bring life and comfort to your wardrobe.

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My Mind is Still, My Body is Still

May 07, 2020

Music as a form of therapy has come to us in a time of need from the wonderful mother and Music Therapist Allison Davies. This personalised musical massage is designed to support anxiety management and get that little happy mantra stuck in your head, using music to support brain function and reduce anxiety for you and your children.

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The Face Behind Fabrik - An Interview with Sarah Hardie

April 29, 2020

With hand-dyed botanical prints and an ethical ethos, Fabrik founder Sarah Hardie takes slow fashion to a loving and humble place. Based on the South Coast, and extending its production to a sustainable studio in Bali, Fabrik is a brand built on the foundations of transparency in the fashion industry. Sarah reveals a little bit about her inspiration and how she is finding a sense of calm in mundane tasks while we are in isolation.

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Giving Your Clothes a Second Life

April 23, 2020

Now that you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you may be left wondering what to do with the clothes you no longer want or need. There are many creative ways to give your beloved garments a second life; from Depop to donating, here’s some tips on how to pass down your clothes with love and care.

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Your Guide to a Decluttered Wardrobe (and mind).

April 03, 2020

As we navigate through this anxious time together, we find ourselves appreciating the mundane tasks now more than ever. With time on our hands let's take it in as a privilege and maximise the positive impact that social isolation can have on our lives.

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