I love getting and buying and acquiring new shoes as much as the next person. Maybe even more. But, when it comes to lace-ups, or closed shoes, I always find myself having the socks / no socks debate in my head..

What I mean is - I don't want them to lose their 'new shoe smell' but i don't want to wear socks! I absolutely don't like very much when your supposedly 'secret socks' are on display, they just never seem to be secret. A little piece of the white (or even worse - beige-coloured) sock always seems to sneak out and show itself. 

So, I have set myself the challenge of pimping up two pairs of socks (one black pair, one white pair, just to be sure to cover all my sock needs..) Socks I would be proud to show off. Socks that will help my oxford shoes shoes stay as fresh and lovely as the day they came into this world. DIY sock pimping instructions:

Step 1: Choose a sock and a trim (I chose to go for the old skool athletic/tennis sock look and also the 'party' or fancy frill sock look)


Step 2: Using a sewing machine (or fabrik glue) attatch your trim. When sewing something - anything- onto a stretchy fabric, always use your zig zag stitch


Step 3: Stand on a chair

step 4: Buy oxford shoes immediately

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