It is almost Mothers Day.

And I looooooove my mum. More than I can even express here. My mum is inspiring, humble, beautiful, God-fearing, tender, stylish, warm, quirky, creative..I could literally go on forever and ever.

I cannot buy this woman some off-the-shelf mug that says 'world's best mum'- she totally disapproves of mugs, by the way. Teacups and saucers all the way for Elise.

So, I put my thinking cap on. And then it came to me. she needs a crown. She needs a crown to be sewn onto a pillow so that she can go to bed feeling like the queen she is and wake up feeling like the queen she is. I have seen this kind of thing around the shops, but only ever for little girls. I actually think every woman should have one.. anyway, I will start with my mum, because she rules, ok?

One pillow case, some neon and sparkly thread and a handful of sequins later, this is what I came up with- 



PS - I wanted to use a real, live model to illustrate the end product, but my 'house model' was not in the mood to co-operate..


Happy Mothers Day to all the rocking mums, sisters, aunties, grandmas, yia yias, oumas, thithis, sistas, nannas and whatever other endearing term exists to describe all you gorgeous women!


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Henke du Plessis
Henke du Plessis

May 07, 2014

stunning idea. Love it. Beautifully written and cutest model in the world. Love your stuff Sarah Hardie!


May 06, 2014

as a mother i salute all daughters (and sons) who love their mums so unconditionally… as a FABRIK fan I’d love to see one of these crowns on fabrik’s fab fabrics.

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