September seems to be "THE" month to have a  birthday, right?!

I am absolutely blown away by how many birthdays are celebrated in September!

I get it - 9 months after the Christmas holidays - mums and dads are relaxed, the weather is beautiful (or not beautiful at all if you are from the Northern hemisphere) - both great reasons to get up close and personal, the bubbly (or mulled wine) is flowing..we all get the picture.

So, what better trick to have up your sleeve in the month of September than to know how to make a rocking party hat?

you will need

~ a plain party hat

~ clear glue

~ pom poms of varying sizes

~ a rocking party about to take place

~ a gorgeous pair of bathing shoes beautifully wrapped for the birthday person

Stick the pom poms all over the hat and voila!


Watch this space for more jaw dropping, awe inspiring party ideas in coming weeks...




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