It is a bit of a family tradition to bring the baby home from hospital in a special outfit that will not be worn much past the homecoming day and will possibly be passed down to the baby's babies. If the baby wants it and is still on speaking terms with the mum (me), when the baby has its own babies one day. Oh gosh! I hope they still adore me as much as they do today (and vice versa!). Okay, I am off on a tangent again. Stop.

The point I am trying to make is that all my babies had a special 'coming home' outfit that has been lovingly packed away. I loooooove beautiful  kids clothes, but I also love that my kids can explore and run around and get dirty without being restricted by their clothes, but the homecoming outfit is different. This is a keepsake.

With my first, Elise, my mum, Elise, and my sister, not Elise, bought the outfit. 
It was beautiful and special and just looking at it takes me back to this moment when we took her home for the first time.
This tradition has continued for my second and my third.

When I saw this gorgeous little top and bloomer set from our new range, I could not help but think what a perfect home coming outfit it would make for a Spring baby. Imagine gifting this beautifully tissue - paper wrapped in a simple gift box with a huge bunch of jasmine or poppies..

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