It was announced earlier this week that our Japanese toys are back in stock!

I find this super duper exciting because I don't like ugly toys. This does not mean that I don't put up with ugly toys. It seems that my kids are strangely drawn to the tackiest, brightest, most plastic things that their little hands and eyes can find, so in an effort to not totally deprive my children, I deal with a lot of tack on a daily basis.

But - every once in a while beautiful, wooden toys get my kids' nod of approval and the toys from genius Japanese designers, Kaz and Novi (from kiko+) seem to fit this category and this makes me very very happy. 

Look at these gorgeous, educational, beautiful, useful star shaped dominoes

They are made from birch wood and painted with organic paint. They are divided into 7 colours: 70 in painted wood and 30 natural beech stars that have numbers from 0 to 9

Kids can practice their counting, play traditional dominoes or stack them and watch them topple. I even love the fact that they look cute just lying around the house.

If you are not yet sold, check out the gorgeous gold bag that they come in:



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