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4 Tips to Make your Clothes Last the Test of Time

4 Tips to Make your Clothes Last the Test of Time

Shopping sustainably is a long-term investment in your wardrobe, but what can you do to ensure the clothes that you buy last the test of time?
    Tread with care
      Organic fabrics need to be cared for differently. Identifying the right ways to wash, store and protect your pieces is the first step in making them last a lifetime. Cotton can be machine washed, however our botanic dyes are best washed with eco detergents and cold water (which is good for the environment too). Always ensure you read care labels on your garments and avoid anything that will stretch or fade natural fabrics, such as drying knits in the sun or washing on hot cycles.
        Delicate details
          When it comes to delicate details, patterns or adornments found in beautiful vintage or garments that you want to care for and make last, we recommend washing them by hand. It’s best to avoid chemicals, so although dry cleaning is great if you’re time poor, it’s best to avoid. If you do have to machine wash delicate items, make sure to turn them inside out and keep them protected in an intimates bag or old pillowcase, and wash on a cool temperature with a slow cycle, and lay flat to dry.
            Packing & storing
              Good storage is essential to preventing damage from sunlight, pests and humidity. Hanging natural repellents in your wardrobe is always a great idea to deter moths (we like to use lavender pouches) and ensuring you have sturdy, wide coat hangers to support the garment’s shape.


                Repair so you can rewear
                  If there is a time when you tear a small hole in your favourite dress, or spill a nasty oil (or coffee!) on a white shirt, take comfort in some basic sewing methods to repair holes and fantastic cleaning hacks - with the help of the internet, if you act quickly, you’ll be surprised at what you can restore!
                  Check out our tips on a sustainable laundry load, learn how to care for knitwear and discover our library of fabrics to learn more about caring for your clothes.

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