A day with Claudia...

Once a month we’ll be profiling an inspiring woman who wears Fabrik. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Claudia Martin, a muma and food stylist who adds a little boho flair to our designs.


Claudia lives with her husband and daughter, Eve, in a gorgeous cottage on the NSW Central Coast. Brimming with indoor plants, woven baskets and cookbooks-a-plenty, home is where Claudia often works; her recently renovated kitchen is the ideal location for cookbook and magazine shoots.


To those who know her, Claudia has an innate ability to wear clothes in an entirely original way. She accessorises with bangles and rings and always transforms simple, flowy designs into memorable statement pieces.


We chatted with Claudia about her day-to-day, motherhood and her unique fashion aesthetic...


What’s your ideal breakfast?

A one pan hash. Eggs, greens, herbs, mushrooms and whatever other veggies I might have on hand. Topped with sauerkraut. Easy and oh so satisfying.


How do you take your coffee?

Almond or soy flat white.


What is inspiring you right now?

Other women. The beautiful community of like-minded mothers around me. Feeling supported and surrounded by free-spirited, creative and confident women. I realise how lucky we are to be on this crazy journey together.


Since becoming a mum, how has your wardrobe changed?

It has definitely become a lot more relaxed. I love the park/beach life, so I need to make sure that whatever I’m wearing is chasing-toddler friendly. But I have always stayed true to myself and my love of pretty things.


How would you describe your fashion aesthetic?

Simple bohemian. I’m drawn to flowy, beautiful prints and neutral colours. But you can definitely have too much of a good thing. I like to simplify statement dresses and jazz up the basics with a pretty scarf or kimono. And there is always a bit of denim mixed in there.


What do you look for when you’re shopping for clothes?

I have always found it hard to get excited about ‘boring’ staple clothing. I’m drawn to beautiful pieces that I instantly fall in love with. When I do need to buy some basics, I want to make sure they are quality items and they last me for years. I also don’t have much time to shop for clothing, so I trust my favourite labels and rarely look elsewhere.


How important is sustainable fashion to you?

It’s hard ignore the facts and the questionable way mainstream clothing is made. I always feel uncomfortable about it and try my best to avoid it when I can. The lure of disposable and cheap fashion can be a hard habit to break, but everything changes when you really think about where your clothing comes from. I’m certainly not perfect in that regard, but I try to make better and more informed choices every time I have to buy something.


What do you love about Fabrik’s styles and designs?

The quality is amazing and the styles are incredibly easy to wear. Perfect for my current lifestyle. Throwing on a Fabrik dress is a no brainer. I’m comfortable and feel somewhat put together!


Your go-to bag for muma essentials?

A vintage leather and jute market bag.

Thanks to  Dominique Cherry for the gorgeous photos - http://www.deccreatives.com/ you can follow @domcherry on instagram to see more of her work.


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