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As well as sourcing the most eco-friendly fabrics available, we are dedicated to printing them using the most natural dyes and eco-friendly practises.

 The initial design for our fabric is inspired by a range of everyday items; a vintage doll dress, a tablecloth from a village cafe in Vietnam, a torn piece of rescued vintage wallpaper. From here we repeat the artwork to create a pattern that can be printed on lengths of fabric. 

We use a printing house in Bali, located a short distance from our manufacturing studio, that uses the best environmental practises to ensure that there is no negative imprint on the local area or the waterways. Would you believe that the base of the printer actually comes from locally sourced seaweed?!

The printing house has a series of ponds and the water used in the printing process is filtered through daily. The last pond is home to a school of very healthy Koi, proof that there are no chemicals used whatsoever. 

“I love creating beautiful clothes and I’m proud of the fact that they are made using the most natural and environmentally-sound procedures. Whenever I visit Bali I spend time at the printing house and our studio, chatting to the lovely people who work there. It’s good to know that these beautiful souls contribute to my vision,” says Sarah. 

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