Why do I do this? Why do I love it so?

vintage sewing basket with odds and ends

With the start of the New Year I have been thinking about why I do what I do, what I want to do better, what inspires me and what fuels my passion.

My thoughts wander back to treasured memories of time spent with my Grandmother in the school holidays. The mornings were spent with her patiently teaching me new embroidery stitches as I wanted to copy her intricate work. All this was done while she carefully ‘set’ her hair in rollers with copious amounts of Cedel hairspray and applied powdery make-up that I can still remember the smell of. In the afternoons she would take me to the shopping centre where we would happily wander around for hours. Once she took me to see my first movie at the cinema ‘Beaches’. Another time she bought me my first magazine (it was a ‘Dolly’ magazine….yes I think I was  a bit young at the time…and yes Mum was a bit horrified!) After this it was back home to catch up on her favourite TV ‘soapies’.

All these things are still some of my favorite things to do…sew, window shop, get lost in a good magazine or book and go to the movies. I often find myself wishing she was still here to show my latest creation, or latest vintage find.

These little bits of my childhood are part of me and what I love to do. This year I look forward to sharing more of my adventures, challenges and hopefully some success!

I like to treat this blog as a virtual pin board of inspiration and resources that I come across along my travels. I hope you find some useful tidbits too. X Sarah




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