We were saddened to see the media coverage of the terrible conditions in some overseas garment factories this week.
It has always been important to us to produce our garments ethically and so we wanted to share a bit about our factory and the amazing team we work with...

Fabrik is lucky enough to produce on the beautiful island of Bali. We work with a small Balinese-owned factory that are responsible employers. There is no discrimination on the basis of gender or belief. And our workers are paid above minimum, are not forced to work overtime, although they all team together when we have to get a shipment out. All overtime is voluntary and paid, there are annual paid holidays plus a yearly bonus of one month's wage to help with everybody's religious celebrations!!

The grounds of our factory have Longan, Rose Apple and Starfruit trees and they are often raided for a little afternoon snack!! Also lots of Frangipani and Pandan trees.

Our building whilst not glamorous (it is a factory after all!) is safe. All buildings in Bali have to have a building licence to make sure they conform to building standards.

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