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Conscious Care with Cove Cleaning

Conscious Care with Cove Cleaning

We have recently partnered with Cove Cleaning, you may notice this name from the shelves at your local grocery... 
Cove Cleaning is on a mission to clean up the harsh ingredients in everyday cleaning supplies while also eliminating waste in disposable plastic bottles.
Cove has designed a sleek stainless steel bottle that is meant to be reused again & again. Simply run to the shops and pick up a refill in planet friendly packaging and top up the bottle at home.

Their motto:

"Let's do more with less. More than just natural ingredients. Cove is a refillable cleaning system, designed to inspire people to reuse and make more eco-friendly choices for a more sustainable future."

How do we care for our Fabrik pieces? 
We get it, slow fashion is an investment. We want your pieces to last so they can be vintage pieces for your little ones. How can you ensure the best care and love for your planet-friendly clothing? 
Our personal favourite, Cove Laundry. Our products are both designed and made to last for the years to come. Keeping our closets eco-friendly and slow. 
We recommend a natural laundry solution and a cold rinse in the washer. Always hang dry. Outdoors is best for a cool, crisp finishing touch.  
Use code FABRIK15 for 15% off your first purchase at Cove Cleaning.


Our favourite products by Cove...







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