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It warms our hearts to know that women the world over are wearing Fabrik. Our clothes are reaching far and wide which proves to us that more and more women are choosing to buy #clothingwithaconscience. 

 Danielle Aceino - @missverse and @younglovemedia - has supported Fabrik for a few years now and we love her take on our clothes. She lives on the east coast of the US with her husband and three boys - Elliot, Asher and a delightful cherub of a newborn, August. She wore Fabrik right throughout her pregnancy and is wearing a few of our recent designs while she breastfeeds. 

 We love her relaxed yet innately elegant style so we asked her a few questions. Be inspired! We definitely are.


Fabrik: How would you describe your clothing style? 

Danielle: I've always been fascinated by clothes and how I could express my own personal style through the outfits I chose. I tend to lean towards anything that flows and is comfortable with flowers or other prints.  I love mixing anything classically feminine with a woman's bow tie.  (forage haberdashery has incredible lady bows!)  I love mixing things that are traditionally men's style, (such as the bow tie) with a feminine touch. The "opposites" compliment each other.  

Fabrik: What are your priorities when you buy new clothes?  

Danielle: I don't buy new clothes too often, so I try and adhere to the saying "quality over quantity". I want to purchase clothes that will last. Lately, I've become more educated to the positives or purchasing clothes that are ethically made. Luckily, these two requirements usually go hand in hand and they are one of the reasons I love Fabrik.  

Fabrik: How has motherhood changed the way you dress?  

Danielle: I think I've fallen for the flats over high heels since becoming a mother.  Oh, who am I kidding! I've never really been into heels. I love beautiful, comfortable clothes. I don't think motherhood has changed the way I dress too much.  Except for the "can I nurse in that? question. 

Fabrik: What are five staple items in your wardrobe?  

Danielle: Floor length dresses, comfortable jeans and a soft t-shirt, collared button up and my lady bows!  

Fabrik: How do you accessorize?  

Danielle: Accessorizes are not my strength and I have to repeatedly remind myself to pay attention to the details.  Actually, I could add this to "how motherhood has changed my style" because I wear less jewelry after having kids.  My boys are always hugging me, climbing on me and I'm always worried something is going to break or get pulled out!  I have a few well-loved pieces and stick to those.  

Fabrik: What kind of bag do you carry and what do you never leave home without?  

Danielle: I carry a beautiful hand-made bag from Bali a friend gifted me.  It's a bit hippy, but I adore it. It fits everything!

Fabrik: Describe your perfect day... 

Danielle: A perfect day would start with an incredible pour over coffee before the rest of my family awoke.  I'm a morning person and nothing is better than a few moments to myself before the day begins.  It's more important than sleeping in to me and I know that's not a common thing to say!  The rest of the day would be filled with adventure.  Every day I ask my boys, "should we go on an adventure?" and they always say, "yes, please!"  A perfect day would be filled with finding beauty outside with my favorite people in my world, my family.  

Fabrik: Coffee or tea?  

Danielle: Oh, coffee forever.    

Fabrik: What are you currently reading?  

Danielle: I am currently rereading "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard.  I have read it twice already and it never gets old to me.  It's a beautiful observation of wonder.  Wonder at the things that are all around us; calling for us to truly see.  

 Danielle wears our Billy Dress

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Ava Manahan
Ava Manahan

July 01, 2016

Dani is a dear friend and one of the kindest people I know—because of her support with Fabrik, I now want to add so many of your dresses to my closet. Being comfortable and feeling beautiful are something that is achieved through maxi, floral, flowing dresses and skirts. Love this article!! ❤️

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