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DIY - Ice Dyeing

Add some creative colour to basic clothes with this simple (and fascinating to watch) tutorial! All you need is a white garment to die, some powered dye, a drip tray and ice!



We dyed our Everyday Linen Shorts with two different colours, chosen from a selection of packet powder dye. We recommend having at least two colours to play with - as they melt their hues will blend together to create an array of colours rather than just a few. As our garments are made from natural fibres, they take well to dye. We suggest you use linen pieces, our moonstone colourway works perfectly, or you could experiment with darker dyes on subtle colour ways such as sage or tobacco. You could dye a set, create a bold tee, or go crazy with some pants!



Simply wet your garment with water, place it on a metal rack above a drip tray and scrunch up it up, rather than laying it flat. The way you place your garment affects what areas are dyed, so be creative with it!

Place chunks of ice on top of garment until it is covered, then sprinkle the dye over the top. Try to create an even spread of dye, making sure to overlap the colours if you want lots of colour variation. 

Watch how we did this process here.



Once you've spread out your dye, place it in the sun and watch it melt! This is both satisfying and calming to watch. Once all the ice is melted, rinse the garment gently and leave it to dry in the sun.



We can't wait to see the unique pieces you create! Make sure to take us in any images with the hashtag #fabrikrepurposed, we would love to know if these gorgeous shorts have inspired you in some way - they have certainly become hot property for us!


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