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Giving Your Clothes a Second Life

Now that you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, you may be left wondering what to do with the clothes you no longer want or need to give them a second life. There are many creative ways to give your beloved garments a second life; from Depop to donating, here’s some tips on how to pass down your clothes with love and care.


This social marketplace is heaven for vintage finds at a great price. With over 10 million users, it’s a great way to make a profit on some of your finer goods. The app is user-friendly and connects directly to your paypal account. To be a successful seller, make a profile that reflects who you are and take the time to style and photograph your clothes. Start off with at least 4 items listed with accurate and detailed descriptions, and make sure to provide tracking numbers when you ship off an item. Perfect the art of curated flat-lays and let your creative side go wild while making some income!


If you’ve accumulated a huge pile of clothes that you no longer love but are still lovable, creating an instagram account is a great way to use a platform you’re familiar with in a different way. Taking inspiration from second-hand accounts such as Boheme Goods, Sunfolk and Cult Blondes, curating a beautiful feed with the right information can get you far. Make sure you include relevant shipping information, refund policy and how payment works, as well as the process of buying an item. Some accounts will sell solely through instagram stories, while others host auctions on their posts! Make sure you find a way that works for you, and stay on top of marking items as sold by editing original posts. Instagram has a few trending hashtags to get you started, such as #Instashop and #ShopMyCloset.

If you lack the time to create an Instagram, give Facebook Marketplace a try! It’s easy to use and connects to your messenger - just keep in mind that it’s location based and you may have to negotiate prices.

Donate them to a better cause 

A guaranteed feel-good way of giving your clothes another life is to donate them to not-for-profit organisations. Dress For Success, Wear For Success, and Fitted For Work help those who may struggle to dress professionally for job interviews, or are disadvantaged when it comes to entering the workforce. If you’re worried your clothes aren’t up to scratch, you can also find recycling drop off locations for textiles here.

Let your goods live on and give them a second life of love. It could become your new side-hustle, or a great way to donate to a new cause. Let us know how you go via our facebook page!

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