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A heartfelt Thank you

A heartfelt Thank you

We are absolutely overjoyed with the support we have had for our Blooms for Boobs fundraising campaign for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

With your help, we raised $2,878 for ground-breaking breast cancer research.


When it comes to breast cancer, raising awareness can make a huge impact. We hope that by sharing Ash, Kellie, Nadine & Kylie's brave stories, we have shed light on the reality of Breast Cancer. If there is anything we want to take away from this, it's that regular self-checks really could save your life, regardless of if you have family history or not. Breast cancer doesn't discriminate, but these four women, like many others, have shown us how strength can come out of heartbreaking situations. Women are forces of power, and we are proud to have raised over two thousand dollars to help prevent deaths from breast cancer, as well as improving the lives of those living with it.

This tee couldn't have been possible without the incredible work of Ash Leslie, who illustrated the beautiful blooms. We can't wait for you all to receive your 100% organic cotton jersey tees and hope they serve as a reminder of women's strength (as well as a nudge to remember to check your boobs!)

If you are concerned about your family history of breast cancer, you can speak to your GP who may refer you to a Family Cancer Clinic for further information about your risk and the role of genetic testing.

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