How to Care for Your Knitwear

There is nothing better than feeling cosy, wrapped up in your favourite knit sipping on warm tea. Our knits are made to last, threaded from 100% cotton to be comfortable and warm. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure your knits last a lifetime.
1. Use eco detergent
Detergents can have harsh chemicals that eat away at organic fibres and aren’t needed when washing your clothes. Using eco detergents derived from natural ingredients keeps your garments away from chemicals and leaves them smelling fresh with citrus notes from essential oils. Our go-to is Koala Eco’s biodegradable and plant based natural laundry wash, made from the Australian scents we love; lemon scented eucalyptus & rosemary.
2. Protect it
As knits contain lots of threads in their structure, its important to keep them protected while washing to prevent any snags or damage. We like to wash our knitwear in an intimates bag or an old pillowcase tied in a knot - something thin enough to let the detergent in. 
3. Use the right cycle
While washing, make sure to use a gentle cycle and try to wash in lukewarm or cold water. This is better for the environment and your knits, as exposing the natural fibres to high temperatures could alter their shape. We also recommend using the eco cycle on your washing machine. You could always wash your knits by hand too; the best way to ensure a gentle wash.
4. Dry flat in the shade
We know this part can be a pain, but we promise it will breathe life and longevity into your knits. You should try to wash them only when needed, and drying them flat and away from direct sunlight is the most important part. This ensures your gorgeous knits stay in the shape they were made. You can gently roll the damp knit in a towel to aid this process and always be sure to store knits folded rather than hung.
Ultimately, always follow label care instructions and remember these tips. Be gentle and look after your knits and they will look after you.
  • Follow the care instructions on garment label first
  • Dry your knits on a flat towel
  • Be gentle
  • Wring or stretch woollen garments
  • Dry in direct sunlight
  • Wash in high temperatures
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