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Our Partnership with i=change Charity

You may have noticed that every time you purchase something from Fabrik, you get to choose where your dollar of support goes. We partner with i=change to help raise money and awareness for different charities worldwide.

i=change has raised over two million dollars for a number of organisations, both locally and internationally. Over 130 brands are a part of the community, and 100% of donations are sent to carefully selected projects, with a focus on women and girls’ empowerment. 

"With every purchase you enable us to produce ethical, well-made products. To pay it forward, with every sale, we're giving back. We're deeply grateful." - Sarah Hardie

Our most frequently donated cause is keeping girls in school. Millions of girls across Africa miss up to 20 per cent of the school year, or drop out entirely because of a lack of access to affordable menstrual hygiene management. This increases the likelihood of early pregancy and child marriage, leaving huge consquences on their education. i=change partners with Plan to send representatives and community health clubs to educate both boys and girls on the common myths and taboos surrounding menstruation while teaching the skills needed to make their own reusable sanitary pads.

The bushfires have affected hundreds of thousands of Australian children, which can impact a child’s emotional wellbeing long-term. Save the Children provide kids with a safe place to socialise and play, while focusing their long term investment on emotional recovery by helping children process and express their feelings in a healthy way. $30 of donations to post-fire support will replace children’s toys that were lost in the fires.

The third partnership we support at Fabrik is with Adara to stop human trafficking in Nepal. Women and children are often sold, especially in remote areas where poverty and a lack of education are prevalent. Adarda provides education, raises awareness of the issue and implements child protection strategies in schools through Nepal. In the remote region of Humla, Adara has had no cases of trafficking since 2016 - a significant improvement from when the organisation first began working there in 1998. Just $14 of contributions will pay a Adara teacher for a full day!

We are so proud to be able to provide support for those in need through our business, and are grateful for the world of good that i=change are doing. You can even shop solely with brands who partner with i=change by browsing their website, or donate directly to the charities.

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