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Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day


You may have noticed our most recent launch has featured a partnership with i=change. We work in partnership with i=change with every order we fulfil, giving $1 to a cause our customer chooses. 

This launch is different though, we opted to give $3 instead of the $1 on every purchase in honour of International Women’s Day. As a women’s sustainable fashion brand - designed & ethically created by Moms, Sisters & Women around the world  - we have a special space in our hearts for women in need.

This week we are partaking in a 3 day impact-focused shopping event. As we mentioned $3 from every purchase will go to a cause of the customer's choice. 



How does it work?

Our customers are not actually paying extra on their purchase to donate to a cause. We have chosen as a brand to donate $1 of profit from every purchase to a meaningful project. This week we are donating $3 from our profit to help women around the world in honour of International Women’s Day.

Why i=change?

i=change is an organisation that saw consumerism increasing as an opportunity to do better. Even though brands are starting to shift to be more sustainable, ethical and better all around… i=change wanted to use consumerism to  encourage businesses to share their success with meaningful efforts around the world. 

With a high percentage of donations going to the development of women and girls, we knew this is an organisation we needed to partner with. i=change has raised over two million dollars for a number of organisations, both locally and internationally. Over 130 brands are a part of the community, and 100% of donations are sent to carefully selected projects, with a focus on women and girls’ empowerment. 

The organisation focuses on a small number of projects that they work with, meaning our donations are actually making a difference. Instead of donating to hundreds of efforts, i=change has only around 40 organisations they partner with. 

What organisations will my purchase benefit? 

A few examples of initiatives Fabrik in partnership with i=change provides support for…



Keep Girls in School, millions of girls miss up to 20% of the school year, or drop out completely because of social taboos and a lack of access to affordable menstrual hygiene management.

This increases their likelihood of early pregnancy and child marriage, has huge consequences on their education and the rest of their lives.

Plan trains school representatives and community health clubs to debunk myths and taboos around menstruation, engaging girls and boys in the process, and teaching the skills necessary to make their own reusable sanitary pads.

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Prevent trafficking with education | Human trafficking threatens children’s lives in Nepal every day. Women and children are often sold, especially in remote areas. Poverty, frequent trade with India, high unemployment, and a lack of awareness and education are some of the driving contributors to this crisis. The Adara organisation gives young Nepali girls at risk of trafficking a better start in life. In all our target schools we provide quality education, raise awareness of child trafficking and implement strong child protection practices.

In the remote Humla region, where Adara has worked since 1998, trafficking has significantly decreased and since 2016 there have been no reported cases of trafficking in our target villages.

Adara also works in Ghyangfedi, the epicentre of child trafficking in Nepal. In 2015 Ghyangfedi was struck by the Nepal Earthquake. Adara reconstructed a primary and secondary school with capacity to educate 300 students – and has seen no reports of trafficking since the school opened in 2017.

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As a brand we believe in…

Shopping with purpose. 

That less is more. 

Sustainability is worth the cost. 

And people are always more important than material belongings. 

Shop with us this week, or any week, to give back with your purchase, support small and help us continue to support women in need with every single purchase that comes through our store.

Shop our i=change transeasonal collection.


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