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Our Partnership with Thread Together

Last week the Fabrik team were honoured to spend the day volunteering at the Thread Together warehouse, packing orders and learning about the incredible mission behind the non-for-profit organisation. We donate our end of line styles and samples to Thread Together to be redistributed to those in need.

Thread Together’s mission is simple. They deliver new, good quality clothing to people in our community who are doing it tough, from disaster relief and homeless shelters to providing women escaping domestic violence with a wardrobe. In a position of privilege, it can be hard to see clothing as a basic need, but many Australians don’t have access to warmer winter clothes, waterproof shoes or even a clean pair of underwear. Thread Together is the only organisation in Australia that focuses on sourcing and redistributing new items to those who need it most. In the last five years, the incredible team has sent over eight million dollars worth of new clothing to vulnerable people in need.

“We are currently supporting the people who are homeless, youth at risk, Indigenous communities, survivors of domestic violence, refugees or long term unemployed. People in need of comfortable clothing to enable them to feel safe and warm, or people seeking clothing for a new job. Thread Together helps ensure those in need receive a tailored service, which reflects the current stage of their personal journey.”


Thread Together was founded in 2012 by Andie Halas, former shareholder of Seafolly. Her experience with the fashion industry saw the potential to use unsold clothes for a positive impact.

With over 40 fashion partners, Thread Together have diverted 1,200,000 items of clothing from landfill so far. It's overwhelming to look at crates and boxes filled with brand new clothes stacked up at their warehouse. At first this raises concerns to consider how many clothes do end up in landfill, but knowing that these items aren’t going to waste is incredibly humbling. As we packed orders to be shipped across Australia, we saw not only the immense impact that the fashion industry has, but the power for change that it can bring with passion and care from the team at Thread Together.

Thread Together believes that clothing performs a vital role in creating brighter futures for those who need it most. They have also cemented themselves as an effective solution for the textile waste problem in Australia. We are honoured to be a part of their incredible effort and are looking forward to helping at Thread Together’s styling boutiques in Sydney later this year.

Check out our reel of our volunteer day with Thread Together’s CEO Anthony Chesler here and read more about their mission, or even apply to volunteer, on their website.

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