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The Simplicity of Life on The Farm with Nathalia Crabtree

The Simplicity of Life on The Farm with Nathalia Crabtree

What is your name? Who all is in your beautiful family?

My name is Nathalia, I’m originally from Sweden and moved to Australia ten years ago. I’m married to a big hearted farmer called Brett. We’ve got two happy little girls, Pippa and Olivia.

Where do you live? Is nature a big part of your daily life?

Our farm is on the south west coast of Western Australia and we live in an old farm house surrounded by big peppermint trees. If overlooks a beautiful horizon of farm land and it’s so special to raise our little girls here on the family farm! It’s definitely isolated at times but the sunsets are so beautiful and it makes us appreciate nature daily. 

We also live in our new home by the sea which I love so much, it’s about thirty minutes from the farm and it’s been such a good thing for our family. A place to be close to nature even more and to be able to pop down to the ocean for a morning walk or swim is wonderful. Seeing the blue sea while making dishes makes me slow down so much and the girls love little bush walks to find wild flowers. So absolutely, nature really is such a big part of our lives and I think for kids growing up appreciating their surroundings gives them so much, I know it really did for me. 

As autumn fades and winter begins, what are some of your favourite winter time activities and traditions?

In summer we spend a lot of time at the beach but in autumn and winter we go for more bush walks. We put our boots on and explore before coming home to a hot chocolate and snuggle under a woolly blanket on the sofa. I always love the slower pace that autumn brings even though it’s also a bit busy on the farm with seeding. 

Tell us a little about your beautiful space you call home…

Ah I could ramble about it forever.. but I think my favourite parts about where we live is the closeness to nature even when you are inside. I love that anytime I look out the window I see it change, I see the trees turn yellow in autumn and the paddocks get greener. I think running around after kids I can get a bit overwhelmed at times so lots of light and big windows opening up to the outside helps me get out of my little bubble. 

What inspires you daily?

My kids, always. They make me want to be better, do better. They inspire me to be brave and to follow my dreams. Without them I would never have started my photography journey and it’s given me so much! I’m also inspired by my husbands hard work on the farm and by my parents too. 

Why is sustainability important to you when it comes to fashion?

I love clothes, I love the way a beautiful dress makes me feel or how cosy I feel when I put on a knitted jumper. But it’s important to me that I buy pieces I know I will wear for a long time, some of my favourite pieces are those I’ve had as long as I can remember. I rather buy smaller quantities but better quality, made to last and made thinking about the world around us.

Sustainability is something I think more and more about the older I get and I’m committed to opening my wardrobe in the morning and see sustainable pieces made with love in there. We only have one earth and we have to look after it even with our fashion choices.



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