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The Story Behind Our Shasta Collection 🌼

The Story Behind Our Shasta Collection 🌼

Behind our Shasta Collection… 

Our darker tones and daisy pattern have a bit more meaning this season. Our founder, Sarah, had a next door neighbor who inspired our most recent collection.

When Sarah’s children were younger, they loved running about their quiet street located in the shadow of the Illawarra’s stunning escarpment. It wasn’t long before they met their nextdoor neighbor, an elderly woman who was often out tending her garden. 

As the family grew close to their lovely neighbor, Sarah would often ask about the daisies in her front garden… this particular species of daisy was called Shasta. 

When our fabric sourcing team in Bali came to us with a daisy patterned bespoke print, we couldn’t help but name the beautiful line after the lovely neighbor who loved her Shasta daisies.

The Shasta daisy bears large white flowers. You’ll often see them in front gardens or speckled alongside the road.

This collection features new styles and high necklines. There are a few more ruffles, as well as some new lengths. This colourway is perfect for both the cooler months ahead as well as transitioning into springtime. Pair our Shasta collection with a chunky cardi and your favorite blundstones or wear with slides as the temperatures begin to warm in spring.


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