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Your Guide to a Decluttered Wardrobe (and mind).

As we navigate through this anxious time together, we find ourselves appreciating the mundane tasks now more than ever. With time on our hands let's take it in as a privilege and maximise the positive impact that social isolation can have on our lives.

Sorting out your wardrobe may declutter your mind, get those restless hands moving or simply make room for the sustainable essentials you didn't know you were missing. 

We want to make this sometimes impossible task as easy as it can be - simply download and print our file (or view it on your device) and follow along to reach the perfect decluttered wardrobe. 

Taking a step by step approach is a nice way to take the pressure off completing a large task, and we promise you’ll feel amazing with a well organised, balanced and colour-coded wardrobe. We have plenty of helpful tips packed in too, from advice on how to sort your clothes to keeping it all in check.

There couldn’t be a better time to organise your home and get on top of the tasks that slip away throughout the year, and maybe even see them in a different light.

So get organising! We would love to see how you go, share some images on your socials with the hashtag #fabrikdeclutter so we can see.

Click to print your own guide to keep.


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