Linen fabric is one of the oldest known fabrications used for clothing and one of the most luxe. It is also one of the most sustainable options available to us today.

At Fabrik we include Linen in every collection as a beautiful addition to a capsule wardrobe for many reasons. 

Linen is super absorbent making is comfortable to wear. It will keep you cool in warm weather.It is also thermo-regulating fabric so a good choice for layering when the weather cools!Made from the flax plant which is one of the strongest fibres known, making it very durable and long lasting and a wise investment when planning your wardrobe.Linen can be grown with less water than other crops and in poorer soil and with  no fertiliser, making this a great sustainable option.All our linen is dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) standard inks and dyes, which are free from chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, and aromatic solvents. Keeping our waterways  clean and safe and giving you peace of mind. We choose timeless cuts and styles for our linen clothing to adhere to our slow fashion principles. 

Our linen garments are sewn by our talented team in our sustainable studio.

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